Pangolin Software Training

by | Feb 22, 2024

We offer you software training courses for QuickShow, Beyond, Resolume and other programs that are used to create and use laser shows.

These software trainings can be carried out “online” via Skype, Team Viewer, or Microsoft Teams, but on-site training can also be arranged.

You can specify the topic for individual training courses. We will deal with the topic from the ground up and answer your questions.

From experience we can say that one hour of targeted training, looking for hours, trying it out and saving you nerves. The feedback from customers has been very positive so far.

For individual Online Training you pay EUR 99,- per hour ( incl. tax ). It is billed every half hour. 

Just make an appointment with us.

Since we are regularly asked how to “safely” program and run a laser show, we offer a special training course:

How do I program a safe laser show!

Here we provide you with all the knowledge you need to coordinate your current or future programmed shows so that you can guarantee safe lasering. The course is carried out by one of our programmers, who can also convey laser safety both very well and clearly. After prior consultation, one of your shows can serve as an example in the training.

Just talk to us.

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